Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pure Brilliant Podcast Show #19

Welcome to the Pure Brilliant Podcast show #19.

Great to be back after 21 months out. Refreshed and ready to bring you a tonne of great new & old music. Tonight it's going to be all about catching up with some old friends of mine who happen to be brilliant performers and off course the usual sprinking of my own brand of Celtic music, with tracks off my newest album, Under a Texas Skye. I'll be featuring my buddy's from Edinburgh, The Dead Beat Club who sadly are having their last show this weekend in Edinburgh, I'm sorry I can't be there for that one, also a fine singer from Glasgow, Scotland, Ally Hulett and lastly there will be a couple of more tracks from myself & The Deadbeat Club.

Your host,

Shuggie Morrison



INTRO: 0:00
Hugh Morrison and Jed Marum with MacPherson’s Rant.
The Dead Beat Club with Sometimes and Black Black Heart.
Ally Hulett with The Fair Flower of Northumberland and John MacLean's March.
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Hugh Morrison Aidan's/Ali MacGregor's Jig/Made in Texas.
The Dead Beat Club with Circa 1985.

END 32:44

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