Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pure Brilliant Podcast Show #20

Welcome to the Pure Brilliant Podcast show #20.

This week's show features my good friend Mason Brown who lives in Kansas, MO.
He has just released a wonderful new CD titled When Humans Walked the Earth. Also out of Kansas, more friends of mine, the brilliant Tullamore who are currently on tour in Scotland, with a song called "Work of the Weavers". Ed Miller gives us "At Home with the Exiles". Murder the Stout with Blackthorn Stick & Saddle the Pony and lastly Jed Marum with "John Brown's Dance".

Your host,

Shuggie Morrison



INTRO: 0:00
Mason Brown with Lord Franklin.
Tullamore with Work of the Weavers.
Ed Miller with At Home with the Exiles.
Murder the Stout with Blackthorn Stick & Saddle the Pony.
Jed Marum with John Brown's March.
Mason Brown with Brownie's Lament.
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END 27:15

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