Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pure Brilliant Podcast Show #21

Welcome to the Pure Brilliant Podcast show #21.

Back again with another Pure Brilliant session! This show features the lastest recording project I worked on with my great friend and musicial partner Jed Marum.
Our new project also features Mason Brown and many other fine musicians, collectively we are know as Lonestar Stout. The album is produced by Toronto native, Paul Mills. Sands of Aberdeen is the title of this new CD and is already receiving rave reviews since it's release in October. Included in the show is my good friend Beth Patterson with the title track from her "Take Some Fire" album. Hollow Horse give us "Run", from their brilliant "Escaping from a Submarine" album.

Your host,

Shuggie Morrison



INTRO: 0:00
Lonestar Stout (Jed Marum, Hugh Morrison & Mason Brown) with Sands of Aberdeen.
Lonestar Stout with Lovely Leah Tune Set.
Beth Patterson with Take Some Fire.
Hollow Horse with Run.
Lonestar Stout with Lilly of the West.
Lonestar Stout with Star of the County Down.

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Hugh Morrison with Allan & Leila MacIsaac & John Alexander Pirie.

END 30:57

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