Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pure Brilliant Podcast - Show #22 - Tribute to Alistair Hulett

Welcome to the Pure Brilliant Podcast show #22.

The Pure Brilliant Podcast Returns with a tribute show to
Alistair Hulett.
Alistair sadly passed away at the end of January this year after a short illness.
The songs are from various albums of Alistair's from over the years and a couple of Roaring Jack tracks too.

Your host,

Shuggie Morrison



INTRO: 0:00
Alistair Hulett with The Fair Flower of Northumberland.
Alistair Hulett with The Dark Eyed Sailor.
Alistair Hulett with Victor Jara of Chile.
Alistair Hulett with John MacLean's March.
Roaring Jack with Destitution Road.
Roaring Jack with The Lights of Sydney Town.

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Alistair Hulett with The Swaggers have all Waltzed Matilda Away.

END 36:51

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