Friday, April 23, 2010

Pure Brilliant Podcast Show #23

Welcome to the Pure Brilliant Podcast show #23.

Pure Brilliant Podcast returns with a show that features some great music from a duo out of Portland, OR called The Woodlands.
Also some new tracks from Lonestar Stout, Foggy Dew, Back Home in Derry & MacPherson's Rant
Also a track written by Hugh Morrison titled Susan Patrcia Greener written for his friend Charles Dewhursts' wife.

Your host,

Shuggie Morrison



INTRO: 0:00
Lonestar Stout with Foggy Dew
Lonestar Stout with Back Home in Derry
The Woodlands with Summerland.
The Woodlands with Can We Stay.
Hugh Morrison with Susan Patrcia Greener

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Lonestar Stout with Foggy Dew

END 28:06

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